Full Swiss Lace Toupee

A toupee, commonly known as a hairpiece or hair replacement system is a custom made and fitted replacement unit meant to cover up male pattern baldness.


Men’s Toupees are constructed on lace, skin or monofilament bases. These bases differ in terms of the material used and texture. Lace and skin bases have got further classifications but if we talk about the number of options available, that can be too many.

People can order for full caps or partial caps. Below is the list of 7 best sellers of men’s hairpiece options which you can customize in terms of hair color, base color, hair density, gray percentage etc.

  • Super Fine Swiss Lace (SFS)
  • French Lace
  • French Lace with Swiss Lace Front
  • Thin Skin
  • Bio Skin
  • Fine Welded Mono
  • Monfilament