Welcome to Reborn Hair, a place for hair professionals to source the best quality hair.

Founded in 2007, Reborn Hair is a wholesale hair manufacturer and distributor that specialize in distributing premium hair products to hair stylists, salon owners, business owners and E-commerce owners.

Reborn Hair is dedicated to offering soft, natural, durable hair products at affordable prices. We do not claim to offer the cheapest prices – but realistic prices for exceptional quality hair and professional & personalized service.

Not only the hair is a fundamental component of most Reborn Hair products, but also the craftsmanship, technicians and craftsmen are all elaborately selected. We also make sure every hair product goes through the quality control process so you will get 100% top quality products.

Efficiency, accuracy are the standards by which we conduct business. Our customers have immediate access to everything they need with our effective customer service, well stocked inventory levels and reliable delivery system.

Reborn Hair are passionate about the beauty industry and servicing beauty professionals. We are continuously expanding our product lines to accommodate the growth of the worldwide beauty industry and to maintain excellent customer experience for our customers.